What is Prayer ? Do Prayers work or is it a waste of time ?

In the language of the ordinary man, prayer is communication with God. There are many facets of prayer. It could be intercessory prayers, or it could involve praises and worship of the Almighty God. It could be a time of intimate communion with the Lord. Let us know if you need prayers. I.C.C.M. is an intercessory ministry and we will stand in the 'gap' for you and for your needs.

The things that are impossible with man are possible with God. Kiren is a Hindu guy and I met him in hospital, very sick with “aids”. His family had abandoned him; he was lonely, so thin and sick with no life in him. The doctor at the hospital told me that he would be dead in about two or three days. I introduced myself as a Christian and asked him if it was okay for me to pray with him. “Please pray for me” he cried with tears rolling down his cheeks. I saw the desperation in his eyes; the eyes were “hollow”. In simple terms “his skin was attached to his bones”. I shared from the Word of God the amazing saving power of the Lord Jesus. He listened carefully the story in the Bible and of who Jesus was. I said “first ask Jesus into your heart ; then I will ask Him for your healing”. Kiren believed every word I said and I led him in a prayer of repentance and of asking the Lord to come into his life. Like a flash of lightning I saw a glow shine on his face and I knew that ‘something’ had happened to him. And in the name of Jesus I prayed to the Father to heal Kiren of the dreaded disease. He was all joyous when I left him on the hospital bed.
Five days later I returned to the hospital only to be told that he was released the very next day I had prayed for him. One week later I visited him at his residence with a Bible. He was so happy and we had become good friends. Week after week I followed him and he got stronger and stronger; and three months later he was back to his business.

The fact is – Kiren never died the second or third day as the doctor had said. It is amazing how the Lord healed him completely. Six months later he went back to hospital to check out his condition. There was not a sign of the ‘HIV’ virus in his blood. God had healed him and given him new life. This is a true event of God’s miraculous healing power. Kiren’s life had changed and the Lord had healed him. The healing was medically confirmed. He had also put on more weight.

If you only believe and come to him like a little child – You will have your miracle. You will experience of His marvelous love and presence.

In the Gospel of Mark chapter 5 (vs. 25 – 34) is the story of the woman who had an incurable disease. She had spent all that she had; she had seen many physicians. But she was not healed, but became worse. I am sure that she was so tired of being sick. When she heard that Jesus was passing by, she desired to just reach out and touch the garment of Jesus. She believed that in doing so, she would be healed. Her faith challenges me in my journey with the Lord. As the Word tells us, this woman pressed through the crowds and got close to Jesus. She just managed to touch the hem of his garment. She felt power flow into her body and she was healed. What a great testimony !

Never ever give up on God. Bring your needs before Him in humility and in faith. Keep thanking Him for who He is and you will experience a supernatural touch of God.