The year 2017 was an extremely busy year and I am sorry that no updates were added to the site.  The team have been doing a wonderful work reaching out; our churches have grown; we have extended medical help to about five thousand people in different villages through our free medical camps.  Our school "Little Roses Educational Center" is doing well and we have over three hundred students from poor families. We are also in the process of putting up the new building for the school. It is coming up slowly and steadily as the funds become available. 

We have prayed over a few thousand people and we have see the joy of the Lord in their hearts. About two hundred gave their lives to the Lord for the very first time. All glory to God.

In India we have made progress in the training of missionaries; and in the equipping of pastors and church leaders. We continue to touch the hearts and lives of innumerable numbers; and we continue to make an immense difference by the preaching of the Gospel. 

Blessed be the name of the LORD.


Training, unifying and the enpowering of pastors and church leaders in Kenya (February 2016). Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo, Bishop Dr. George Gichana and Bishop Dr. O.M. Panicker were used of God. Hearts were touched and the pastors and bishops were on their knees crying out to God. 
Enough to lukewarmness and divisions within the body.


Our medical camps in the villages of Kenya are a blessing. Close to four thousand people have been given free medical treatment and about five hundred received Christ as Lord for the very first time.


We started the year with prayers seeking the face of the Lord. The anointing and power of God overwhelmed us and we are thankful to God for yet another year.

At the free medical camps in February and March in the villages of Navakholo and Ndabarnach over five thousand five hundred people were treated. We had three special guests from the Yonkers Assemblies of God in new York. James, Alex and Justin were amazingly humble and worked together with the team. In the picture are the three guests with ICCM pastors Dickson (extreme left) and Julius (extreme right) and ICCM president Dr. O.M. Panicker after a church service at the Mogoywet ICCM church.


Some pictures of the free medical camps:




A one day seminar (7th Aug.) was held at the Eldoret church for all ICCM pastors. Bishop Dr. O.M. Panicker made a
 powerful appeal  to the pastors to reach out to the communities around them with the message of the Gospel and never to back down. He also expounded on  'Modern Day Deception' in the Church in general and the strategies of the 'enemy' to weaken the Church.  A sad truth is that many people do not embrace Christ for salvation, but for financial and material benefits.   Dr. Panicker reasserted that the Bible was the final authority for all Christian faith and practice. 
All participants were strengthened in the Word and in the worship of our Lord.


June - A major construction work was undertaken at the church in Mogoywet. The existing building constructed of 'offcuts' of trees is depleted. We put up a new roof with metallic beams holding the roof.  As finances are available we plan to put up the walls, windows, doors, a concrete floor, and other necessities. Pray with us. Here are some pictures of the work done. The existing old church structure is seen under the new roof.


Early in June pastor Julius Kilungu visited the ICCM church in Mombasa, at the coastal region of Kenya. The Mombasa church meets in a home and 'the Church members seemed to be committed and very passionate for God and his work', reports Julius.

May was busy as usual, but the team observed a week of fasting and praying at the Eldoret Town Church. Training at the ICCM School of Ministry is in progress. Pastor Julius Kilungu and John Ngugi made a special visit to the Mogoywet church to encourage the members. 

Between the months of March and April the Lord took us to the land of India. We were very busy training and equipping pastors and church leaders in three different states. A total of over one thousand men and women of God were empowered with the Word and the annointing was great. Pastor Meshack Madegwa from Kenya and Dr. O.M. Panicker were in the states of Karnataka, Punjab and Jammu-Kashmir. 

           Pictures : State of Karnataka

           Pictures : State of Punjab. Our host Pastor Harinder Pal Singh in the last picture with a shawl over his white Indian 'kurta'. 

           Pictures : Jammu-Kashmir. Christians are a great minority in this state. The conference was amazing.

         It was a marvelous open-air evangelistic crusade outside the main Jammu prison; with the crowds seated on the street and shop                                            corridors in between the prison walls and the buildings across the prison. The night meeting was 'lighted' by the security lights
         of the prison. There was a great move of the Holy Spirit in our midst and many gave their lives to the Lord.

In the month of February a major pastors conference was held in the town of Eldoret in Kenya. A crowd of about two hundred participated.    Dr. O.M. Panicker, the main speaker made a powerful appeal  to the pastors for unity in the work within the body. His teachings pointed to 'Inner Purity of the Leader',  'Modernism in the Church' and other issues that plagued the modern Church. "It was powerful, eye-opening, thank you for your insight, sincerity and boldness" were amongst many of the comments from the pastors. 

February -  Training a small group of church leaders at the Tarakwa Deliverance church. The church is located deep in the 'bush'. We had a very rough ride on the dusty roads of this isolated village. 



Ministry of the Word at the ICCM church(Grace Tabernacle) in Umoja, Nairobi.

Free medical camps were hosted in five different villages between January and February in Kenya. Over 5500 patients were given free medical treatment. It was a great joy to serve the poor in the villages.


In the first picture is James Diller from the USA lending us a hand. He is now the ICCM promotional director in the USA. All patients are counseled and pastors pray with them (last picture).

ICCM Leaders Conference

All ICCM leaders are trained and given a refresher course every year. We hosted three full days of intensive teaching and training of the leadership in January 2014, at the Eldoret ICCM Town Church. The preceptors included Rev. Meshack Madegwa, Rev. Moses Ongong'a, Tom Owuor and Dr. O.M. Panicker.



Leaders from the ICCM churches in Umoja-Nairobi, Mlolongo, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kaimosi, Shiru, Soy, Mogoywet, Kapsoya and Eldoret participated. We enjoyed our fellowship and the very delicious Kenyan food. All leaders were impacted with the Word and returned to their churches with renewed vision.


     1.  Pastor Samwel Mwebia and his wife Becky of the Mlolongo ICCM church                                Levi
         were blessed with their first child in July 2013. Beautiful Debra brings
         new light and life in the family.

    2.  Pastor Andrew Guya and his wife Doreen of the ICCM Umoja Nairobi Church
        were blessed with little Levi in August 2013. Andrew and Doreen are now parents
        of three great boys.

 3.  After about three years of praying in faith and trusting the Lord for a miracle, Daryl and Angie Wood were blessed with beautiful Madelynn.
     Bishop O.M. Panicker, who stressed faith in God for the miracle of a baby girl, had the privilege of dedicating little Madelynn together with
     Pastor Brett Rush. God blessed them with a beautiful girl just as we had prayed. Our God is a faithful God.


4. ICCM nursery school, Little Roses, celebrated the graduation of our beautiful little children. They go on to class one in 2014. Currently the   
   school has about two hundred children. The school is located in the village of Shiru in the Rift Valley Province, Kenya.



In the month of April we hosted a major pastors conference in the state of Kerala in India. The conference was held at the campus of the Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship in Charalkunnu. The annointing was great; the teachings were relevant and challenging. The pastors and women leaders were challenged and motivated. All the glory to our Lord. Here are some pictures :

           The ICPF conference centre                         It was revival time. A great annointing                  Pastors laid their hands on their wives
                                                                                           of God was experienced                                     to bless them. Later the wives blessed
                                                                                                                                                                            their husbands, the pastors.


The year began with a new zeal and love for the Lord. Spending much time in the Word and in the worship of God is our way of getting closer to the heart of God. Loving Him is always our priority and we are surrounded in His marvelous love.

In January and February we hosted our yearly free medical camps in five regions in Kenya. Over 5000 people were given medical treatment in the villages. In February we hosted a seminar for businessmen and women and our guest speaker for the seminar was Clint Frank from the USA. Lives were impacted; new business ideas were presented to the Christian community.
O.M. Panicker spoke to the pastors and concentrated on the necessity of unity in the Church body; with a special focus on holiness within the body.
Part of April was spent in India and Kenya. Pastors conferences were conducted in the states of Kerala and Punjab.

If you have not received the updates, please contact O.M. Panicker at
The updates from the mission field includes pictures that speak of the glory of God and of his marvellous deeds.


A great testimony from the ICCM Mlolongo church.
Robby and Juma Mohammed.
“We are marveled by what God can do! Robby joined our church when we started our ministry here in Mlolongo a few years ago. She had already given her life to the Lord and she felt the Lord’s leading  to join our church. Her husband was a Muslim and his name is Juma Mohammed. He was very harsh to her and he resisted her coming to church. Robby could not be restrained; she is a woman of strong faith and would anyhow come to church despite the threats from her husband. After church service, her husband could come for her and beat her all the way to home. One day I took a bold step and confronted him with the Gospel. Although he respected me, I could see a lot of resentment on his face. I wondered what will happen to this family. One day, my wife Becky and I visited them at their home. That evening he came home drunk. When he saw us he tried to sober up. My wife confronted him with the Gospel in the Luhya language (My wife and Mohammed are from the Luhya tribe and they could understand each other better). He told us that he would come to church the following Sunday. We thought it was just a mere joke. When Sunday came, he came to church together with his wife. The Holy Spirit had been ministering to him. Mohammed gave his life to the Lord at church and since that time he has continued to grow in the Word of God. Mohammed and his wife Robby are a great encouragement in the church.”  (Pastor Samuel Mwebia)


Lots of rains and mud in Kenya at this time(July/August) of the year, but the ministry is on the go. The ICCM pastors have been busy with the preaching of the Word. At the church in Nairobi (Umoja) 11 new converts were baptized in water and babies were dedicated to the Lord. Very recently four more people have committed themselves to Christ. Pastor Andrew Guya and his wife Doreen work together as a mighty team in the sharing of God's love. Andrew is also a travelling minister and in the month of July 2012 he was in a conference in Kampala, Uganda; and preaching in Thika in Kenya.

Pastor Samuel Mwebia and his wife Becky live in a difficult area of Mlolongo where prostitution and alcoholism are rampant. Despite the challenges the ministry there has produced some good fruit. ICCM Mlolongo church also runs a nursery school with limited resources. We are happy to be involved in the education of children as well.

Pastors Julius Kilungu and David Kamau have been on a house to house evangelistic mission in the village of Soy.  Evangelism is not an easy task with different tribal groups living suspicious of one another in this village. In the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya this region was very badly affected and lots of people lost their properties, and some, their lives. In the recent outreaches 20 people gave their lives to the Lord and they are being nurtured in the Word. The church in Soy is growing as a result of these outreaches.

Pastor Edwin Madegwa and his wife Phyllis is a great team together and well known as the 'pastor-wife' team. Edwin paddles on his bicycle with his wife seated on the back with one major task in mind : sharing the love of Christ to the peoples in the regions of Jua Kali and Mogoywet. Drunkards, drug addicts, crime, and prostitution are common in this region. It takes the grace of God to minister and surelly as the Word says "We need to be willing to carry the CROSS" in reaching out to the world in darkness.