We are an intercessory ministry and we love to spend lots of time in the presence of our Lord. Our joy comes from our communion with God the Father. If you have needs please let us know and we shall be glad to stand in the gap for you.


As a ministry we have hosted revival meetings in several locations and people have been empowered and reconnected with God. The Saviour's love have permeated many lives; many Christians and churches have been motivated and revived in their walk with God.
We are a unique ministry that hosts open-air meetings (crusades) basically in remote villages where the populations are not exposed to International and national preachers. Thousands of lives have been touched by the Saviour's love, as people open their hearts to Jesus we see the joy of salvation resting upon them; and we have witnessed miraculous healings. We have witnessed demons scream and leave in the name of Jesus and the captives set free. What a mighty God we serve ! We thank God for the  power of the resurrection and of the reality of the Holy Spirit manifesting his presence in our time.



There are 'Christians' and denominations that do not believe in miraculous healing in the name of Jesus. BUT as ICCM, and in our ministries and services we have witnessed sick people healed 'by the stripes of Jesus'. We know of people who have been healed of : the deadly 'A.I.D.S.' disease; diabetics; headaches and chestpains; skin diseases, cancer, and many more. Hundreds of married couples who could not have babies now have children after we laid our hands over them and claimed the blessing in the name of Jesus Christ. Lots of evidences here that there is power in the name of the resurrected Christ !
Host us for  healing services at your church or meetings, and expect God to touch the sick. We shall be obedient to the Word and to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and God will be faithful to His Word.




Many hundreds of pastors have been trained by ICCM in Africa and India. These are men of God with a strong calling in their lives and most have not had the opportunity to study in a Bible School. Our trainings have impacted these men with vision and zeal. Our leadership trainings are amongst the best, and these men of God have the power to reach out to thousands within their own cultures and beyond.



We have trained and equipped a large number of prospective pastors,evangelists, and church leaders at our School of Ministry for effective ministry and mission work. We offer a good practical curriculum for our generation; quite different from those offered in a Seminary. We train our candidates to 'go' - to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, to make disciples for Christ, to heal the sick, to cast out demons; and to do the works of God.


One of the ways we share the love of Christ is by helping people in need. Thousands of people who were displaced by the post-election violence in Kenya early in 2008 were assisted by ICCM. We focused on the 'refugee' camps in and around Eldoret. We would call it the saddest chapter in the history of Kenya. About 3000 people were killed, many thousands of homes and some churches and institutions were destroyed; and about 600,000 people made homeless.
We provided food items (sugar, salt, tea, bread, rice, corn flour), utensils, soap, sanitary towels, and blankets; and plenty of milk to the children. The ICCM team gave out Bible tracts and we counseled and prayed for quite a large number of people. It was a humbling experience to share in the sorrow of the people with the love of God. Many lives have been touched and transformed by our outreaches. Decisions were made for Jesus and bitter hearts were filled with forgiveness. We continue to help a smaller group of the 'refugees' at this point of time.



Once every year we host major free medical camps in the very remote villages of Kenya. Over the years several thousand sick and very poor people have been helped and we have also at our expense admitted some difficult cases in major hospitals. The love of God the Father is shared with many who do not personally know Christ as their Savior. In the current year 2011, we have so far treated over seven thousand people freely in the love of Christ. We did also put up a special 'VCT' tent to counsel HIV and AIDS patients. ( VCT : voluntary counseling and testing)
What we do is simple : We pray much and we trust in God for the funds. The team in Kenya searches out the right places where the need is greatest. Most times we have an American team consisting of medical personnel joining us voluntarily. The American and Kenyan medical personnel  takes care of the patients. At any given site we will have enough tents; (or use existing buildings) for the doctors, nurses, pharmacy, etc. Sometimes we sit under the sun or under trees. There is always a special tent for prayers and counseling. God is so good that we have a great team of men(pastors/evangelists) and women ministers who pray with the patients and counsel those with problems. It is at this tent that many give their lives to the Lord.  While the treatment is in progress, Christian music is played over the loud speakers.  The Word is read and preached for all the people to hear.  We find this to be a very effective means of evangelism; and in touching the lives of thousands with the love of God.

                                                                                                                     Crowds at our camps


                                                                                                                      Our medical team at work 


                                                                          A major spiritual touch :    Counseling and prayers for patients (adults and children)


                                                   Some very happy villagers depicted here in the pictures (after receiving treatment)



In an attempt to provide education to children of poor families and to especially draw them to Christ we have established a school in the village of Shiru in Western Kenya. The people in this village are generally very poor, the majority have no electricity; scarcity of water is a major problem, and many jobless teenagers hang around doing absolutely nothing. Drunkenness, witchcraft, theft, immorality are all too common. A few religious churches exist in the area, having no spiritual impact on the lives of the villagers.
We were led by the Spirit of God to impact this region with the Word. ICCM hosted revival meetings, conducted open-air crusades and overnight prayers, visited homes; and we showed the Jesus film. We hosted medical camps and provided free medical care to thousands. Finally we planted a church in the area, and in 2010 we ventured into starting a nursery school - "Little Roses Nursery School" (Pre-School) with  baby class. Little Roses nursery school is now (2015) registered as Little Roses Educational Centre.
Currently we have over three hundred and sixty beautiful little kids and we teach the ECD syllabus (Kenya government/Ministry of Education). Together with the school syllabus we teach the Word, beautiful stories and morals from the Bible, Scripture memory; and Christian songs.  We are impacting the lives of these little ones and their families.


With over a three hundred and sixty children we are in the process of putting up a new building.The school needs more books and equipment. Feel free to make a generous donation towards the education of these beautiful little children. Send a check or donate through the site by paypal.