"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" Mark 16:15

Our vision is to take the Gospel to all people groups.


 ICCM is Bible believing and Christ oriented.

We preach Jesus Christ as the only Savior of all humanity.

ICCM provides humanitarian aid in times of need.
 I.C.C.M. was involved in helping the 2004 tsunami victims in Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands (politically a part of India), and mainland India. We have provided much to thousands in the camps of the IDPs “Internally Displaced Peoples”  in Kenya, after the post-election violence of 2008.

Through our evangelistic outreaches, the message of salvation, has brought into the Kingdom of God thousands of people. The destiny of many have been changed forever, for good.

Our base in Africa is in the beautiful country of Kenya, in a little town called Eldoret.

In the USA we are based in the scenic county of Lancaster in the little city of Quarryville. 



ICCM trains pastors and church leaders for effective ministry.

Preaching the Gospel is our task in the USA and other nations of the world.

We minister to the Islamic and Hindu populations.
We minister to thousands in the land of India.

Welcome to be a part of the world harvest for souls. The Gospel must be preached.



ICCM President Dr. O.M. Panicker, and Mrs. Mercy M. Panicker

Dr. O.M. Panicker hails from the state of Kerala in India. In the year 1970 he had a special visitation of the Lord which changed the course of his life. He is a well seasoned minister of the Gospel with good experience in the mission field; a good teacher of the Word, a motivational speaker, and a simple person who has a tremendous faith in God. You got to meet him to hear of his adventures with the Almighty Father. He has variously been educated in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Kenya, and the USA.

His wife Mercy hails from Vennikulam in Kerala - A humble wife, an intercessor and a strong believer in Christ. 

                                       KENYA DIRECTOR                                             KENYA BOARD CHAIRMAN 


                                     MOSES ONGONG'A                                                               MESHACK MADEGWA

The ICCM board of directors both in Kenya and in the USA consist of men and women of good integrity. The ministry team consists of an excellent group of born-again, Christ centered, and loving people.   


                        ICCM OFFICE SECRETARIES                                                       INTERCESSORY, YOUTH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL


              JOYCE OKAYI AND DORCAS JERONO                                                                                        SHEM KOECH


               CO-ORDINATOR AND TREASURER                                                      BOARD SECRETARY AND PROJECTS


                                JOHN NGUGI                                                                                                       JULIUS KILUNGU